COTTON LINTERS PULP constitutes an important source of pure cellulose for the chemical, paper and other cellulose derivative industries - especially when high purity and specific viscosity ranges are required:

  • For further chemical conversion, thanks to the uniquely high alpha cellulose level and the possibility of adjusting the required degree of polymerization.
  • For the manufacture of high quality boards, papers and filter media - again, thanks to the particular characteristics of the cotton linters fibers.

Through intensive, multistage wet and dry mechanical processes and strict chemical purification, raw cotton linters from cottonseed are converted at MILOUBAN's plant into numerous types of COTTON LINTERS PULP, each specifically tailored to meet the needs (and/or the particular preferences) of the individual paper or chemical manufacturer.

A careful selection of the raw materials used for each application, combined with close control and monitoring at every stage of processing, coupled with an overall quality control scheme assure the user a continuous and reliable source of the purest pulps, best suited for his specific requirements.

Tailor-made in different combinations of raw materials, fiber length, viscosity and/or other relevant parameters, MILOUBAN COTTON LINTERS PULP constitutes one of the widest-choice arrays of pure, clean cellulose.

> Products & Applications

Upon Special Requests:
• All products can be made UNBleached.
• All products can be made TCF or ECF.

Applications Milouban Grade
Paper Applications
Strong PapersFP, MRP & STP Grades
Archival (non aging) Papers
Document Papers
Fine Papers
Prestige Letterhead & Watermarked Papers
Color Papers
Printing & Writing Papers
Strong Papers
Technical Applications
Filters & Filter media (Laboratory, Medicinal, Industrial, Automotive…)STP & MRP Grades
Absorption Papers
Friction Papers
Electrical / Electronic Papers
NitroCellulose Applications
MembranesN Grades
Printing Inks
Lacquers / Varnishes/ Paints
Military Grades (Smokeless Powders, Propellants & Dynamites)K, D & BD Grades
Specialty Chemical Applications
Cellulose AcetatesN Grades
Viscose Grade for Membranes, Artificial OrgansV Grades
Cellulose Ethers (such as: CMC, HEC, HPC etc.)E Grades
Rayon Staple Fibers & Viscose Filament FibersV Grades

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> Packing

As part of our policy of fully adapting ourselves and our products to the customer's needs, we supply our products in a variety of packaging.

1. Flocks: Size: 50 x 50 x 110 Cm
Weight: 60 - 100 Kg
Density: 220 - 360 Kg / m^3
2. Sheets: Size: 50 x 70 x 80 Cm
Weight: 180 Kg
Density: 642 Kg / m^3
3. Reels: External Diameter: 110 Cm
Internal Diameter: 7.5 Cm
Width: 80 Cm
Weight: 350 Kg
Packing can be custom-made upon request.

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