About Us

Milouban is a bleacher of cotton linters founded in 1984 and located in northern Israel. Milouban was acquired by its present owner in 1991.

Milouban produces approximately 15,000 metric tons of cotton linters pulp per year, for all applications in both the chemical and the paper industries.

Milouban uses approximately 20,000 metric tons of raw cotton linters.

> Motto

We perceive ourselves as a CLP boutique, and that is why we always adapt ourselves and our products to the customer's needs.

In full cooperation with the customer, we develop a product that meets his satisfaction.

We are certain that we will be able to meet each and every one of our clients' needs and professional requirements, in each and every parameter.

We believe that the customer is the most important factor in our joint success, and therefore we adapt ourselves to the customer's requirements. In addition, we understand that in order to reach achievements and technological breakthroughs, full cooperation with the customer is essential, as well as a free exchange of information, which is why we believe in full technological openness.

> Market

Our customers are located in every corner of the globe: the United States, South Africa, Europe, Asia and Africa.

> Cooperation

As part of our efforts to improve our product and streamline our plant, we are assisted by outside parties:
Professor Nissim Garti of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Casali Institute of Applied Chemistry, a worldwide expert on chemistry.

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